Anyone know if the guy really has a legit gripe in opposition to these women or he just a disgruntled client? The girl he has a gripe about is not promoting and has moved out of state. She was absolutely a scam-artist.

Flaker wasted my time

How lots of you brothers have heard of iTunes present playing cards as change for services? Is this legit, and something I don’t know about? Or was it some kid of scam I haven’t quite figured​ out but.

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The damage is done already what can you really do right. But the least I can do is let all of you realize in order that you don’t get burned and waste your hard-earned kala. If you might be on the lookout for action along with her good luck. Highly doubtless not to occur as she is married.

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the best choice for my hard earned kala. I’ve been hitting the strip membership and AMP scenes for a very long time if any of you all got questions just PM me.I do not suppose this job is for her since she’s married. She ought to retire or one thing. Give the opposite women an opportunity. She is similar girl as Tatiyana.

Like last time I went to see apple. Manger guy who barely speaks English informed me that cici and apple were busy and so they just began their appointments so I advised him I’ll just wait outside in my automobile. Waited outdoors and told myself if Apple is still busy I’ll simply see Cici!! So I go back with like nearly 10 minutes left from the half hour I was advised Apple would be done.

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And she could not recall a specific time in details of a means she was carried out mistaken. I advised her could I atleast park as a result of that is sketchy in the middle of the street. She didn’t even want me to park until I gave her atleast half the money.

Since then, her advertisements have proven different ladies working there as well as flattering pictures of herself, but each time I’ve returned I’ve solely encountered Cherry. And each time, I’ve gotten the same great service with the same, „no rush. Let me please you”, perspective. I guess I did not make my level clear. If the AMP posted a fake picture and the supplier barked more than meowed and the monger posted that, then other mongers could be discouraged from asking for that provider. Other mongers would save money and time.

She was leaning in my car and stored giving me B. S. Reasons as to why she wanted the money first because of ” what happens generally”.

The one claims to be a therapeutic massage therapist however it’s yet to be determined. They both made chit chat with each other like I wasn’t there. Nope they each used 1 hand and mainly rubbed the oil on me the entire time. A few minutes in they wished me to show over. I told them that we had mentioned the hour and it was agreed upon earlier than I even went in.

Stay away so many goood places to go-I was dumb and now pissed.So fucking hate stupid games like that. Might be skipping out on trying them out. BTW was she atleast first rate looking? Still kinda of curious however ain’t losing time till some good reviews. Decided to give us sexguide Aya a attempt to obtained there the primary woman mentioned we busy so she known as another woman from another room and that girl took me to a different room.

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Need a bit of recommendation here. Texted the quantity and was directed to a Walgreens pharmacy. Parked in the lot and texted the lady, who then requested me to buy an iTunes present card price $200 dollars for cost of her providers. I was confused, stated I’d give her the money instantly but she stated no. Wouldn’t meet me unless I had the iTunes present card.